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RARE19 Paris

I'm almost recovered from my crazy weekend in Paris for #RARE19Paris! I had an amazing time doing all the touristy things, but my feet hate me...or maybe they just hate JR Gray who walks faster than I do and most people complain I walk too fast! We walked a total of 40 miles and checked everything off our must do list like sight-seeing pros.

Notre Dame ✓

The Catacombs ✓

The Louvre ✓

Mona Lisa ✓

Venus de Milo ✓

All the glossy strawberry tarts ✓

Pastries galore ✓

Coffee ✓

More Coffee ✓

A KICKASS signing ✓

Meeting readers ✓

Skipping the longest line in the world at Versailles like royalty ✓

All the ceilings ✓

Macarons ✓

The Eiffel Tower ✓

Scacre Coeur ✓

And more coffee ✓

The readers who came out for the signing were lovely as always and so many were willing to take a chance on a new-to-them author. It warms my heart when people are keen to learn about my books just because they pass my table. I tried something new which was really well received, I gave out free ebooks all day to anyone who wanted them. So I will be keeping this as a 'thing' at signings going forward. As for this one, the RARE crew put on a fabulous event as always and I can't wait for #RARE19London now.


Don't forget to check out our latest release: Saorsa - by Kerry Heavens & Heather Shere

SAORSA [seer-sha]

Noun - Scottish Gaelic

Freedom, salvation, redemption, liberty.

It’s not a concept Charlotte Rose has ever considered. She’s busted her tail her entire life. Worked at her doomed marriage and slaved to build the company she loves. Work is life. Love?…yeah, that’s something she’s learned to live without.

Divorced and tired of the fight over her beloved business, she’s jaded and she knows it. Charlotte needs a fresh start. So she packs up and moves across the ocean, to be with the one solid thing left in her life: Her best friend.

With all her energy focused on what the future holds, she dives right back into old habits, throwing herself into work and neglecting life and love. She has no idea life is choking her until him…

They meet by chance, and now he’s everywhere. He’s so centered, so calm. She needs someone to save her from herself. Redeem her from her past mistakes. Free her to discover who she really is.

It’s clear that the enigmatic Rhys has found his saorsa.

The question is: Can he help Charlotte find hers?

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